Thursday, June 05, 2008

Obamarama Begins...

The aftermath of the Obama-Clinton race for the Democratic presidential nomination continues to entertain. News reports published the day-after Sen. Obama captured the required delegate count trumpeted how the politics of his identity trumped the politics of her identity.

But the reality was the Democratic party wasn’t about to throw an historic election by ignoring its Black constituency, just to make another kind of history by placing a female candidate in the hot seat.

I think we’re making too much of the gender-color issue, frankly. There has been too much emphasis on the superficialities, and not enough focus on the truly meaty issues that will determine the kind of life we live in the United States of America for the remainder of this decade, and into the next.

I don’t care if the next President is a purple hermaphrodite, so long as important matters of national security and economic stability are appropriately addressed. The sex and color of the next Commander in Chief have nothing to do with either.

I laughed when I read part of a Los Angeles Times story, summarizing the world view of Sen. Obama’s emergence as The Annointed One by Democrats. Prof. Radwan Abdullah at the University of Jordan in Amman exulted that Sen. Obama is “a minority African-American from the Third World.”

‘Scuse me, Professor, but check your facts.
Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, attended private school as a child, and graduated from Columbia University and Harvard—where he was Magna Cum Laude.
Hardly a Third-World product, and likely more of a privileged upbringing than most traditional, Democratic-voting families of his generation have experienced.


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Richard Squaredime said...

Barack's rhetoric suggests policies that would spell economic "obamanation" for America.