Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Obama vs Clinton: Winning where it Counts

The horse race to the White House just gets stranger and stranger by the day. Last night’s presumed majority win of Democrat delegates by Barak Obama was somewhat soured by Hillary Clinton’s refusal to concede the race, leaving questions in everyone’s mind about what might lie ahead.

Actually, those questions have never been fully addressed, as both Democrats’ campaigns have been more focused on form than substance, dotted with more platitudes than solid plans for the change they so desperately advertise.

A recent Rasmussen Poll notes that while most voters are pining for change, they also believe the best thing Government could do to improve the economy is to butt-out. Here’s the interesting part: Rasmussen's numbers show more voters trust the Democrats more than the Republicans to get it right, but they trust Sen. John McCain more than Sen. Obama.
Go figure.

I don’t think the fat lady has sung yet (not a swipe at Hillary) especially when you digest some of the numbers: Mrs. Clinton’s leads were accomplished thru the primary contests, while Mr. Obama’s gains came from the caucuses (caucusi?)

Ironic, don’t you think, that the Democrats’ candidate in this Fall’s elections might not come from the popular vote?

By the way, Sen. Obama tried to reach Sen. Clinton after her speech last night. Twice. Got her voice mail both times. Ever wonder what Hillary Clinton's voice mail greeting might sound like?

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