Monday, May 12, 2008

Thankyou and Goodbye for Now

I want to take an eletronic moment express to all of you my sincere thanks for showing such loyal support for The BizRadio Network for the past three and a half years. As some of you have heard, I am no longer with BizRadio, but I feel I owe each of you a tremendous debt for helping sustain our project up to this point.
It was not an easy three years.

I actually created this financial talk format with Ed Shane of Shane Media Services, and Keith Rovell, one of his associates, along with broadcasting legend, Dickie Rosenfeld, in the Fall of 1999. They had the idea, and needed someone to weave the pieces together. That was my job. We weren't certain it would work, but we had a hunch that delivering useful information in an entertaining way would be a hit. It was.

The Radio establishment both cheered and jeered us.
Die-hard Radiophiles loved the revolutionary departure from the cookie-cutter formats that were, and still are predominant on both the AM and FM spectrum.

Love us as they might, the advertising community didn't quite know how to classify us, and the Arbitron Ratings people were totally clueless. No one we were targetting had the time of day to give call-out researchers, or were inclined to complete and return a listening diary. So they were coming up goose-eggs, while we were filling auditoriums.
But we forged on.

When one Radio operating company decided to swap our content for something a bit racier, one of my clients, Daniel Frishberg, immediately saw the opportunity to take the formatic ball and run with it someplace else. 6-months later, we were back on the air with a slightly altered, but definitely familiar flavor for listeners thirsting for intellectual stimulation.

That was over three years, two LMA's, and two pending station-purchases ago.
My how time flies.
Unfortunately, I will not be a part of any future chapters in BizRadio history. But I will continue to be proud of what I helped build, and of the people that made it such a terrific three years.

Check this space from time to time...and I'll let you know where I am. Hope to talk to you again, soon, on the Radio.

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The Moneychick said...

Great minds have built a firm foundation for BizRadio, and Brent Clanton is certainly one of them.

Being the MoneyChick, I have had the opportunity to see this radio station flourish and I know a great deal of the growth is due to Mr. Clanton.

I extend my utmost respects to him, and I’m certain that his talent will continue to shine wherever the road might lead him. BizRadio will miss him dearly.

Don't forget, it’s not goodbye – it’s see you later!

The MoneyChick

Enjoy Gas said...

You are a class act. Your departure is a loss to both the listener and the organization.

Best wishes and I look forward to hearing you again.

Gary Casper said...

There's no classier person in the business. Having worked with Brent oh so briefly at BizRadio I was witness to the birth and the role Brent played. He was most certainly the OBGYN, Nurse, Anesthesiologist, Tech Support and Head of the Neonatal unit.

It was definitely a constant uphill battle and BizRadio's success was 95% the result of Brent's efforts. I only hope the format continues somewhere after Mr. Frishberg let's it go south. No disparaging intended, but it is a fact that the chances for BizRadio's survival without the father of the format are slim.

Brent's information and the information sources he brought to BizRadio were definitely an influence on the success of my business. Best of luck Brent!

Gary Casper
Blink It Sold Inc./

Anonymous said...


It really is a sad day for Houston radio, at least for the moment, because you will not be on the beach long.

I had the distinct honor and pleasure to work with Brent Clanton for a lot of years at KODA, he has always been one of my favorite people in the business. No matter how "interesting" things got, you could count on Brent for a level head, positive attitude and great ideas.

This is just a temporary blip. You're freed from that place, I know you are proud of what you've been able to do there, and I can't wait to see where you go next.

Thoughts and prayers my friend, from a proud Houstonian, now living in Dallas.

David Rancken
KVIL Radio

PS I'll say Hi to Brian and to Angie for you

Anonymous said...

You're a class act, Brent. I hope you land on your feet. Whoever you choose to work with will be the better for it. I'm proud to call you my friend.

Michael Berry