Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A New Job!

Ten days after being “invited to leave” my former position with the BizRadio Network, I have a new job.
Oh, it’s not what you might think.
But it’s an important one.

Some of you may recall my enchantment with Home Owners Associations over the years. Recall the story about the 80+ year old woman who had her house sold out from under her by an over-zealous HOA, anxious to recover $800 in past due dues. That story did not end well for the HOA.

HOA’s are only as good as their membership, I am learning.
Last night, our relatively tiny neighborhood (87 homes) held its annual HOA members meeting. Before we could have a quorum, we had to adjourn and reconvene three times to achieve a “declining quorum.” That’s a bit of procedural voodoo to allow those that did show up for the meeting to conduct the business at hand.

Out of 87-homeowners, less than 20 people darkened the door, including the two representatives from the management company that performs the nuts and bolts of our HOA’s business. So despite the negative press that some HOA’s have received, I remain convinced they’re only as good as the people who become involved in their community.

They tell me that last night’s meeting attendance was improved over previous years.
Apparently, even a teaser about next year’s assessment fee wasn’t enough to draw out enough numbers for a real quorum. There’s an important lesson here, as we head into a much more important season of choosing this Fall, and I’m a little chagrined over how it may turn out if more people don’t turn out.

Here’s how the meeting went down: There was one position on our HOA Board up for election. Three names were put forth for consideration.
One nominee was not present.
One nominee declined to accept.
One nominee stood before the group and promised to help out, whether or not he was chosen.
Yep. That was me.

Call me nuts, out of a job, and taking on that kind of responsibility.
But with one neighbor missing, and one declining to serve (for now), what was I going to do—stand there and say our little hamlet wasn’t worthy of my time (of which I seem to have plenty, for now)?

I bring this up not to shame my absentee neighbors, but to encourage us all: There’s a lot of complaining these days about the direction our country has taken. How many have really done anything about it—beyond standing on a stump and spewing platitudes?

Just as we need someone to get a handle on immigration reform, energy policy, and how to keep Social Security solvent long enough for you to collect on it, so do we also need folks to keep an eye on the electricity bill for the street lights on our block, see that the cul de sacs are watered and mowed, and make sure no one decides to put their ’86 LeBaron up on cinder blocks in their front yard.

...And take calls about the ducks.
Wonder if this job is what it’s quacked up to be?

Meanwhile, I am still looking for gainful employment.
Check me out here on Linked-in.

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Ed Kampf said...


Please start a recovery group for your loyal listeners! There is a huge void in our mornings that can't be filled by anyone else! Whether it's your indepth interviews with the rich and famous, or just making an inarticulate mortgage hack feel comfortable on the air, you are certainly one of a kind.
I am positive there are much greater things planned for you in your life. Please keep us updated.