Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Buzzing on Woody's BBQ

(Centerville) The last time I was here, you may recall the BizRadio Network Orchestra got into a spot of trouble.
Woody's BBQ.

Arguably one of the best stopping places you can hit on any trip up and down I-45, between Dallas and Houston. If it's within two-hours of mealtime when I come to Centerville, I just pull off the highway and coast into the parking lot for killer ribs, and a new culinary delight: Fresh Fudge.

Woody's is unpretentious.
At Woody's you eat on butcher paper lining a plastic cafeteria tray.
With a pound of BBQ you get free sides and a big ol' ice tea.
The seating consists of old-school picnic tables and benches, clean, and worn smooth by butt cheeks polishing the planks as customers slide in and out with trays of steaming, succulent BBQ.

There are home-made pies--pecan is my weakness.
And if you spend $25 on BBQ, they'll throw in a loaf of fresh bread.
Lady in front of me scored that kill, just returning from out of town.
Saved her a side trip to the grocery.

In the glass counter, next to the register, are plates and plates of fresh fudge in all manner of combinations: Raspberry- chocolate, chocolate- vanilla, maple- nut, and the more avant-garde versions that include healthy doses of Reese's Peanutbutter cups, M&M's, and Butterfinger bars. That might be standard fare for a franchise place like the Dairy Queen across the freeway, but this is Woody's, and it's all made from scratch in the back.

My rather regular grinds up and down the Interstate between Texas' two largest Metropoli have been moderated on recent trips by eschewing the mainlanes for the less-crowded, old US-75. The two lane strip of asphalt flirts alternatively on either side of the Superslab between Huntsville and Streetman.

The towns along the way, like Madisonville, Leona, Centerville, Fairfield, Corinth, and Buffalo, provide a more relaxed, scenic route, with cheaper fuel prices than you'll find along the Interstate.
The bathrooms are cleaner, and the people friendlier when you stop. And on those occasions when an accident or holiday surge has stacked-up traffic on the freeway, US-75 is my secret alternative with less stress and more charm.

I hesitate to tell you this, but you'll know what I mean if you try it.
Just don't tell your friends, or we'll ruin it for everyone.

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