Thursday, October 26, 2006

When everyone else around you is losing their heads...

Many people are aghast over recently published photos of German soldiers posed with a human skull in Afghanistan; the images apparently date back to 2003, and the skull could possibly be the victim of atrocities committed in the 80’s. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised the offending troops will be punished, but I think we might be on the cusp of something in the global fight against terrorism.
Bear with me.

Radical Islamic Jihadists do not respect life; they do not fear death, and there is little that can be done to dissuade them from their evil. That is why those who have been indoctrinated with their brand of propaganda, some as young as 13-years old, are willing to blast themselves asunder, and anyone else unlucky enough to be around.

So why not fight fire with fire?
Why not tell the world that the only way to treat those who do not respect life, who will not allow peace to prevail, and who insist on total annihilation of all who are not like them, is to fight fire with fire? So far, the forces of good have met the forces of evil like a guy taking a knife to a gun fight.

I say take off the gloves, maybe even lose the uniforms, and use a scorched earth strategy for eliminating the enemy. Fight the enemy the way the enemy has been fighting us.
Forget about the morality of war; that's an oxymoron.
War has never been moral.

So, if that means juggling a few skulls on the hood of a Jeep to get the point across, so be it. If the choice is between our GI’s dying and their’s, let’s kill theirs, and bring our boys home. Alive.

I realize that’s not very PC.
Might not be considered “Christian,” by some.
PC doesn’t count for much in a fire fight…and even The LORD told His people to utterly destroy their enemies upon more than one occasion.


Anonymous said...

umm . . . . I don't think it would be Christian by any stretch of the imagination.

Brent Clanton said...

No, it would not. But that insane argument is often thrown up as a means of justifying less-than-effective policies for prosecuting war.

Robert E. Lee once commented that it is well that War is so terrible, or we should grow too fond of it.

We need compassion in dealing with our own. In dealing with the enemy we need backbone, and a willingness to utterly destroy (not negotiate or pacify) our enemies who would destroy us.