Monday, October 23, 2006

Adventures in MySpace

I have a page.

If you search under my name, Brent Clanton, you will find it easily enough. You will most likely be very disappointed, however, because all you will find is my stipple-point headshot (like the one at left), and maybe an e-mail link for contacting me.

I hardly ever go there…except for today.

In my e-mail in box this morning was a message from MySpace that Kristina had sent me a message. I assumed it was the lovely and talented Kristina Ramirez, with whom I have shared a studio (not a studio apartment, a real Radio studio) for the past year. Great, I think. Kristina needed to reach me, and this is how she chose to send a message.

So I log on to—after four tries, because I couldn’t remember my password—and there’s nothing there.
I look around for cameras. This is an Allen Funt stunt for candid camera gone awry, I assume. I don’t know Ashton Kuchar, nor do I remotely suspect he’d ever want to Punk me.


After the show this morning, I tell Kristina about my electronic excursion, and we both have a good laugh. Then I see another message in my e-mail box from someone named Cari.
I used to work with someone named Cari years ago.
We’ve not spoken in years.
Curiosity spurs me back to MySpace and I see, Lo! and behold, there is an actual message, requesting acceptance of Cari’s invitation to link to my MySpace page as a “friend.”

Hmm, wonder how ol’ Cari is doing these days?

I click on the link…and this is NOT the Cari I knew.
In fact, it’s not a Cari I even need to know.
I would tell you what the link to her MySpace page showed…but this is a family blog.

Note to the wary: The Internet is a curious place, and hazardous for the inquisitive.
Sometimes the inquisitions come from within…and sometimes they come from without. Know this—if you ask to link to my MySpace site, you’re going to be screened.

Sorry, Cari.
Now go wash your mouse out with soap.

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