Monday, October 02, 2006

Sunrise in The Windy City

Chicago--I once read a narrative about a Frank Sinatra recording session--I think the title of the article was “Mr. Sinatra Has Cold,” or something like that. The point of the piece was that the famous singer had certain standards he required, or he would not perform.

There was a secondary message, too—that behind the glitz and the glamour, there’s a fundamental grit and discipline that must be adhered to in order to produce a desired result. Artists and performers make it look or sound effortless, but behind that veneer is a structure to their creativity.

I am not comparing myself to Frank Sinatra.

But I do share the same philosophy that there’s no spontaneity like planned spontaneity, and no substitute for preparation for a show, whether it’s singing or slinging market news.

This morning’s show originates from 200 S. Michigan Ave, two blocks from Chicago’s famed Lake Shore Drive. I am in the offices of Brewer Investment Group, from which Jack Bouroudjian will host his daily show, starting at 3pm today.

I’ve been preparing for Jack’s show for weeks.
On Saturday I flew up to install his remote broadcast studio equipment, and this morning it is my show delivery that’s on the line as proof of my work. I don’t pretend to be an engineer, but I can plug and play.

I arose at 4am and walked three blocks from the Congress Plaza Hotel to Brewer Investment’s building.
Can't beat that commute!
Here on the 21st floor, the double-deep conference room offers a commanding view of Lake Michigan and the parks that serve as a buffer between the city and the shore.

Bouroudjian’s new broadcast studio has been carved into an un-used office in their suite. While not sonically perfect, it serve Jack’s purposes well for an hour each afternoon. He’ll be able to take calls and have live guests in the studio.

This morning, the A/C is off (the curse of working in northern climes where air conditioning is still considered unnecessary most months of the year) and the suite is dark, quiet and warm.

21-floors below, the early morning symphony is tuning up for the day’s business: The piccolo chirp of a sanitation truck as it backs away from emptied dumpsters, the clattering roar of Chicago’s famous “El’” trains roll through the concrete canyons like distant thunder, and the hissing and honking of cabs passing through intersections.

A new chapter in the life of The BizRadio Network is about to begin, as we include Chicago in our footprint.
Let the day begin.

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