Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Stars at Standard & Pours

Our second live broadcast from Standard & Pours in Dallas today yielded new friends and a few surprises.

A production company with LifeTime Television was shooting the next batch of episodes in the “Inspector Mom” series.

Actress Erin Brooke, who plays “Cindy” in the series, dropped by to chat. With her were Ryan Hart (Andrew) and Kathleen LaGue (Diana). They’re on location in the Southend Lofts with their film crew, and were breakfasting during our show.

The “Inspector Mom” sequel will also be followed by a series of “webisodes,” downloadable on the web.

The success of Standard & Pours has not gone without the notice of the suits at S&P, who believe this business has harmed their business…and to the contrary, owner Pascal Hall has told us that she’s answered more questions from the public about the S&P than those guys have probably ever fielded about coffee and Danish. If anything, they owe her.

There are two proofs of success—when others take pot shots at you…and when you’re able to expand. Pascal says she wants to open her second Standard & Pours location in November near a downtown DART station. We hope she does…and we’ll take the show on the road to Standard & Pours de deaux…and see you on the Radio.u

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Pascale Hall said...

brent, you guys are incredible, super program, great broadcasters, writers, true top notch professionals. thanks for all your support. Can't wait to do this again. All the best, pascale