Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Elvis Antics

  • Today is the 30th anniversary of the alleged death of Elvis Presley. I qualify that statement because there are those who still believe in Elvis sightings, and some are even offering a multi-million dollar reward for proof The King is still sucking oxygen from the atmosphere.

    There’s an entire cottage-industry built around the concept Elvis has yet to reach room temperature, with claims ranging from his enrollment in the Federal Witness Protection Program, that the book he was reportedly reading when he died wasn’t published until a year after his death, and a posthumously-released Elvis album contained songs that hadn’t been written when he was alive.

    Then there are people like Warren Apel, who’s convinced—in a tongue-in-cheek way—that there’s a conspicuous correlation between the death of Elvis on this date in 1976 and the passing of Princess Diana on this date in 1996.

    Sure, there’s the typical anagram stuff that conspiracy theorists like to employ—like rearranging the letters in Elvis’ name to spell “lives,” and the obvious, ominous double-entendre of the "Lady Di" nickname.

Apel goes a mile further by pointing out:

  • Diana and Dodi's car crash was blamed in part on the fast-driving French chauffer, Henri Paul -- who should probably have stopped before he spun out.
  • Elvis sang "Stop, Look and Listen" in the 1966 film "Spinout," co-starring Diana McBaine -- in which he played a race car driver. In the movie, “You Gotta Stop,” Elvis played the part of a Navy Frogman, co-staring with Dodie Marshall, and sang, “You Gotta Stop.”

Chillingly bizarre, or just silly? You decide. There’s more.

  • Elvis starred in "Kissing Cousins" and sang about "blue suede shoes." The Royal Family is notoriously inbred, and is said to have "blue blood.”
  • Diana was the Princess of Wales…and The King of Rock & Roll was roughly the size of a whale when he passed.

How does this help you? It doesn’t really, unless you use it as an example of some of the foolishness that’s out there to be waded through. Some people will tell you anything to get your money.

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ray said...

According to the National Enquirer in 1980, Elvis is indeed alive and working with Jim Morrison ,formerly of the Doors, at a Gas station in Ashville,South Carolina.