Friday, July 07, 2006

Missiles on Missiles

Rocket Science just ain’t what it used to be…

North Korea’s missile launch yesterday failed--again-- when a piece of the rocket fell off a few seconds after lift off…meanwhile, an inspection of the Shuttle Discovery revealed that bird droppings, landing on the space vehicle prior to launch, survived liftoff, raising speculation that NASA might have discovered a tenacious, new adhesive product.

This could revolutionize the duct tape industry, as well as marketing campaigns for future products.
“Uh, gimmie a roll of that Crappy Tape.”

What kind of bird was it…and what was it eating?

Instead of glue sticks…are “Poo-sticks” the next, hot item for back to school this fall? At least there'd be a little more incentive to heed the teacher’s warning to kids--“don’t eat the glue!”

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Jeremy Dozier said...

I like getting comments on my blog so I thought I would leave one on yours. Hope all is well. I have enjoyed reading your blog. You are "smarter than the average bear".