Monday, July 31, 2006

Eyes and Teeth

It is clear that there will be no easy solution to the war that is raging between Israel and Lebanon. The story of the weekend strike against the town of Qana is heartbreaking, yet it is tinged with a stinging truth that those who play with snakes are bitten sooner or later.

No, the children of the two families seeking refuge from the bombs and rockets had no choice in their fate. But the town has long been a staunch supporter of Hezbollah. Add to this deadly formula the fact that Hezbollah is using the typical, cowardly tactic of using civilians as shields, and you have a potential for more needless killing and bloodshed.

Israel has every right to defend itself, and I tend to agree that in this new era of terrorism, the United States must remain strong in its stand against terrorists, where ever they may lurk. That’s not a popular stand.

You can debate until the cows come home who is most at fault in the escalation—Israel has always been a relentless foe; Lebanon is reaping the whirlwind of France’s arcane ideas about governance divided among three factions that could never peacefully co-exist; Hezbollah is little more than evil incarnate, a bunch of thugs running loose on the countryside, and should be exterminated.

Strong words?
You bet.

Strong photos in the press of those little kids’ bodies pulled out from under the rubble at Qana should galvanize the entire world against the evil that terrorism has wrought upon mankind, and demand that it be crushed where ever it is found.

That is the goal of terrorists—to utterly crush all those in their way.
Freedom loving nations should match might with might, and not settle for anything less than total eradication of terrorists.

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