Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Language of G-8

President George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair were captured discussing world events by a table mic left on during a private luncheon in St. Petersburg, Russia yesterday during the G-8 Summit. In addition to chatting about commute times from the Summit to various home country capitals and gift selections, Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair also mulled over the current middle east war and possible solutions in such a manner that only men talking man-to-man would.

In Texas, we'd call it ranch language.
In Great Britain, they'd call it raunch.

President Bush’s disgust for Islamic militants and their supporters is quite clear when he summarizes that the whole ordeal could be ended by Syria applying sufficient pressure on Hezbollah, and that United Nations President Kofi Annan needs to get on the phone to Syria and make something happen.

While the language the President used is not suitable for implementation in this program, it clearly was not “cursing” of Hezbollah, as trumpeted by news headlines. The term for barnyard excrement was applied as a pronoun to describe the state of affairs that exists between Israel and Lebanon, and the role Hezbollah has played over the past few weeks. While grammatically, and graphically accurate, hardly a curse. For that, you ask Harry Potter to lunch.

On balance, the term President Bush did use is an apt and fitting description of how far down those three governmental bodies have allowed their regions to sink because of the lack of restraint on the parts of all parties.

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