Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy Stinking Holiday!

Texas beat OU this weekend in Dallas…Tech beat Nebraska…and Dallas beat Philadelphia…we’re not going to mention the Texans’ performance this weekend, but the capper was the Astros’ 18-inning torture, with a final home run score by rookie Chris Burke, to send Atlanta packing with a 7-6 decision…Houston’s going to the Playoffs, baby!

Today is a Federal Holiday observance of Columbus Day, banks and the Bond markets are closed…but you may be able to cash a check at a bank branch in a grocery store...but don't look for that check from the Publisher's Clearinghouse today. No mail delivery, either.

Remember national holidays when we were kids?

Columbus Day was always October 12…Lincoln’s birthday was always February 12, and Washington’s Birthday was the 22nd. Those were back in the days when you started school after Labor Day, and got out in time to enjoy Memorial Day without the specter of finals hanging over your head.

What’s the best way to eliminate a holiday?

Let the Federal Government get a hold of it. Move everything to Monday’s-off, regardless of the date, and after a while, when the meaning and significance of the date has been lost, so will its importance. You will have just another run-of-the-mill day on the calendar on which your mail won’t come, downtown banks will close, and everyone else will have 50%-off Sales.

So happy Columbus Day.

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