Monday, October 03, 2005

Effing America

The Hollywood Elite is at it again, pandering to the enemies of America, and offering yet another fantasy-land perspective on things of which they know nothing. The latest to join the ranks is Donald Sutherland, the voice of Volvo, and one of the cast on the new ABC fictional drama, “Commander-in-Chief.”

Sutherland was recently interviewed by The BBC, in which he blamed the Bush Administration for the ills being suffered from Hurricane Katrina, and for the fallout from the War in Iraq. Sutherland, ever the actor, even managed to shed tears as he told the BBC that we have taken our children’s’ legacy from them, and that President Bush will destroy our lives.

It’s important to keep in mind two key points as you hear about this story and digest its true meaning. Number one, Sutherland is an actor. He’s a fine actor, too, with an impressive filmography. What he is able to portray on the screen, however, is an illusion—a fantasy—scripted versions of reality that are not necessarily real.

Number two—Sutherland is not an American citizen, but a native of New Brunswick, Canada…who was raised in Nova Scotia. It’s okay to criticize—but it would be prudent to not nibble too sharply on the hand that is feeding him so handsomely.

That’s what I really resent about these so-called stars, who may have worked hard to create their careers, but seem to think that because they can portray a character on the large or small screen, they have the rubric for truth and knowledge. Then they rail against the very form of government that has allowed them the privilege to excel in their chosen field and craft.

In the interview with the BBC, according to, Sutherland ripped President Bush and his administration for the Hurricane Katrina relief fiasco, saying "They were inept. They were inadequate to the task, and they lied."

Do you find it a little intriguing that Sutherland fails to comment on the corrupt New Orleans city management that should be held to account for its official actions before and after the storm?

How is it that the politically-astute Mr. Sutherland conveniently neglects to mention Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco’s ballsy appearance before congress last week to ask for billions in federal aid, while refusing to answer any questions about her role in that state’s preparedness for the storm, and subsequent bungling of assistance resources?

How would Sutherland explain the flooded school busses in New Orleans? There’s a graphic portrayal of ineptitude. There’s your poster-child for inadequate leadership.

Sutherland’s rants on the War in Iraq are equally one-sided…

"And they were insulting, and they were vindictive. And they were heartless. They did not care. They do not care. They do not care about Iraqi people. They do not care about the families of dead soldiers. They only care about profit."

Remember, Donald Sutherland, who is married to the daughter of a Democratic Socialist in the Candian government, also counts in his filmography a production with Jane Fonda, “F.T.A.,” which was an documentary of their involvement in a anti-war stage show that entertained soldiers during that war, and is credited for being part of the momentum that eroded soldiers’ will to fight.

“F.T.A.” is an acronym for the film's true title, which uses the “F-word” to depict what should be done with the US Army. Some would say that title is an accurate depiction of what really did happen to all US forces… but who was the “Ef-ee” and who was the “Ef-or” depends upon your slant on the issue.

Bottom line—when US Morale crumbled—at home and abroad-- we lost that war.
Thanks Jane…thanks Don.
Hmmm…think I’ll buy a Volvo today.

Interestingly, the web site says, “Today, it’s tragic to watch Jane Fonda’s moving speeches against the war and sketches against sexual harassment knowing that she moved on from her radical commitment to social justice to be reborn as America’s workout queen in the 1980s. Or that now, she makes her grand return to the big screen playing the wicked mother in Monster-in-Law.”

I’m not sure tragic is the correct word.
Hypocritical is more like it.
Or Shameless.

But through it all, remember, they’re actors.
We pay them to act that way…

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