Thursday, December 04, 2014

The Holiday Job Search Blues

The smartphone on the overnight stand jars me to wakefulness with its near-silent buzzing.
It's from a familiar phone number, but there's no identity attached, no name showing up on the screen.

When you're out of work, every phone call is a potential gold mine.
When you're out of work, every unknown caller is also a potential harasser from a creditor wanting to know when they're going to get their pound of flesh.
The call goes to voice mail.

The message is from an HR department with a major energy company, locally-based.
The potential gold mine call.

Still, after a sleepless night, insomnia instigated by the previous days' searching, rehearsing over and over again, sometimes it's best to not let a potential employer's first impression be that of your husky, 'morning voice,' croaking hello.

A quick review of the Texas Workforce Commission-required job search log, to refresh just which job it was that was applied for, is followed by a call-back within minutes to the company's HR operative.
The call goes to voice mail.
Irony or karma?
Or both?

The quest continues.

"I want to work for you!"
Brent Clanton is an out-of-work professional in the Radio Broadcast Industry.
His last position was Business Editor for Radio-one's now defunct News92FM, a project that lived just under three years. He is accepting all opportunities for consideration, and will be an Occasional Announcer for 89.3 KSBJ starting the weekend of December 6.

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