Tuesday, February 12, 2013

State of the Union Rebuttal

I wonder how many jobs are going to be lost when employers have to decide who to keep and who to let go because they cannot afford to pay a government-mandated  $9/hr wage to all their employees.

The Minimum Wage is that--a minimum.
It's not supposed to be a living wage; the premise of "minimum" is that you aspire to rise above it--not wait until the government raises it.

About the only thing tonight's SOTU speech inspired me to do was turn off the TV.


Colleen Compere said...

Me too Brent. I got so upset with lie after lie that I had to start reading my church bulletin to calm down. I won't rant about him because this would become a tome, but I wish everyone would have turned their TV's off.

JNickels said...

If a job is never created can you count it as a lost job?
The jobs that will be lost most likely won't occur for 1-3 years after the new wage floor is installed and business can so how much revenue is lost.
The lost revenue will most likely come from the customer base who isn't at the minimum wage level. Since their pay won't increase to match the new cost of cheap service and cheap goods.
I feel sorry for us who were a few dollars above the minimum, but pay scale may be down graded and may not be able to continue the lifestyles we're use to.