Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What's a Synonym for "Terrorist?"

The Venezuelan Satan, Hugo Chávez, and Lockerbie Bomber-lover turned U.N. Pariah, Muammar Gaddafi, are asking for a redefinition of ‘terrorism.’

This is like asking Roman Polanski to redefine “decency.”
This is like asking Brett Favre to redefine “retirement.”
This is like asking Bill Clinton to redefine “is.”
(Sorry, Bubba, you earned that one for life.)

According to a story published in the Financial Times Online this morning, these two partners in thugdom attended a weekend summit for for African and South American leaders on the Venezuelan island of Margarita, where they signed a document rejecting attempts to link terrorism to "the legitimate struggle of the people for liberty and self-determination,” and called for an international conference to establish a new definition for the concept of terrorism."

Is this so the terror training camps in the middle east with have a clearer idea of their purpose? Is this so wannabe jihadists will be able to sharpen their skills with a better-defined goal in mind?

Remember, Wacky Gaddafi last week referred to the U.N. Security Council as the “Terror Council” at the UN General Assembly.
Let’s keep it classy, Tripoli.

Sr. Chávez managed to dampen the mood during the summit when one of his henchmen, er…ministers said that Iran was helping Venezuela in the detection and testing of uranium deposits in remote areas near the Brazilian border. Another henchman, er…minister subsequently denied that this was the case, stating that Venezuela was only working with Russia to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

Uh huh.
That’s a marriage made in what ring of Dante’s inferno?

Gaddafi and Chávez now want to establish a South Atlantic Treaty Organization to rival NATO. Perhaps their redefinition of terrorism will include their own brand of SATO-masochism.
The really sad thing is, were these two clowns the characters in a American Prime-time TV show, it would be classified as a comedic farce.

“We are changing history, we are standing up to imperialism, to the bourgeoisie and backwardness, to 500 years of colonialism that has assaulted our people,” the FT quoted Chávez.

Then he gave Gaddafi a sword, and Gaddafi gave Chavez a hand-made set of silver armor.
So much for moving past the backwardness…
Here, mister Uberthug, let me help you with that Coat of Mail.

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