Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike Takes a Hike

Hurricane Ike roared ashore at Galveston in the early hours of the morning.
Wind and rain wracked our neighborhood all through the night, and the power finally failed around 3am.

As daylight begain to reveal the storm's damage, I realized how blessed we are to have come through the storm safely, and our home intact.

Neighbors on either side sustained roof damage; trees in yards around ours were toppled by the hurricane-force winds as they raked across the open spaces between houses.
But we're unharmed.
God is great.

Daylight is revealing the effects of what has been a massive storm, a system almost the size of Texas.

We're hearing reports of damaged buildings in downtown Houston, Brennan's Restaurant, a venerable establishment for over 40-years, burned out of control during the night.

A wall of the Westin Galleria Hotel came crashing down into a guest's room--just moments after he'd awakened and gotten out of bed.

There will be many, many such stories to relate as Saturday gets underway.

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