Friday, February 08, 2008

Moving the Show...

Today brings to a close an era.
For the past eight years I have been greeting the sunrise and you with my morning show on a Business Radio station.

Starting Monday, I will be sitting here between these padded panels at a later time, 9am CST. It will be a one hour show, which will force me to trim my patter to the bare essentials, but will provide us with a broader field of guests from which to bring on the show, especially from the west coast.

On Monday my guest will be Marc Chandler, the head kahuna of Global Currency Strategy with Brown Brothers Harriman.
I know, that’s in New York, but if you’re wondering what to do about the dollar and competing currencies, you pull a guy from the heart of America’s financial district.
Should be a good show.

I’ve been “doing” the business talk format for nearly a decade.
Never dreamed I’d be in Talk Radio when I started my broadcast career, but this is a format I have grown to love because it is the only source of substantive, actionable content you can find anywhere on the Radio dial, AM, FM or Satellite.

Now I get to sleep later and talk to the smartest people in the world, on and off the air.
The BizRadio Network Orchestra and Chorus is estatic. They never liked the earlier start because it cut into their "rehearsal time." Yeah, right. Whatever.

I thank you for your support of my morning show over the years, and hope you will seek me out in my new time slot on Monday at 9am.
See you on the Radio…

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