Monday, February 11, 2008

Looking Forward

I feel a little like a fish out of water.
For most of my life, I have been a Radio morning show host, either playing music, reporting the news, or bringing you head start insights on what the markets are doing, or are setting up to do. I am somewhat unaccustomed to jumping on moving trains or joining you in mid-market stride.

Most of you have been up for hours; you’ve seen what I have seen, and you’re anticipating what I am anticipating. So we will meet here for an hour each morning and swap ideas, theories and notions.

You can brag a little if you want, or even complain if you must. I will be your sounding board; I will be your confidant. I will be your guide as we pose questions and examine possible answers about how you can protect your capitol, grow your stake, and make a difference in your life.

We’ve called this project, The BizRadio Network, the Union of People Using Our Brains to Get a Better Deal. This is the American Dream: to create, to prosper, and to help others around us. To enrich our community and make life better for having been here for a little while.

If you’re looking for an argument with Mike Norman, you’ll have to get up a little earlier. He’s on at 6 now. If I disagree with you, you will find I’ll give you enough rope to hang yourself, and the audience will be the judge.

I don’t have anything to sell you; I am not trying to get your money; I’m not a TV star, and I haven’t written any books. I have, however, spent my life observing, communicating, and commenting on the great human condition, which spans multiple sectors of life.

Together, you and I, we can go forward each mid-morning into the vast world of possibilities that present themselves to us, and make a difference, each in our own way. I cannot promise you more than that…and I won’t promise you less.

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