Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Prepping in NYC

(Wall Street Financial District, NYC)
Working on the road is no big deal.
Working on vacation is more common than many people want to admit.
We all do it, right?

How many times have you taken vacation, but left someone at the office with your cellphone number, "just in case." Defeats the purpose of a vacation, yet we're all in this together, apparently.

I'm in New York with my family on holiday.
Tickets purchased way in advance, hotel reservations locked in.
The Friday before Christmas we learned a content distributor was interested in syndicating some of the shows we originate on The BizRadio Network.

So much for the Best-of Shows we'd put together of our favorite conversations with famous and interesting people over the past year.
No canned shows, all live.

If I were a stage actor, you would describe me as a "method actor:"
I have a set pattern of preparation for each day's show.
Lots of reading, lots of editing, lots of time.
So Christmas Eve found me prepping for The Day After Christmas, up in the hotel room.

I also discovered that the ill-fated Starbucks, next to the BizRadio Studios in the 55 Broad St. building, is a perfect place to begin the next day's show notes without disturbing (or becoming distracted by) vacationing family members.

(By the way, Mike Norman, they've been terrific to me in here. Maybe I just sound funny to everyone, and they find me marginally entertaining in a quaint sort of way, you think?)

Our hotel is an older one, and we're in a small room with no frills.
We figured we're just going to sleep and change clothes (same as Cruise ship mentality.)
Not even a mini-bar cooler.

That's okay if you're just knocking about the City, taking food and liquid refreshment on the fly.
When you're working on deadline, however, the rules change.
The requirements change.

Mini-bottles of water and a quad-pack of Red Bull from the corner Duane Reade drugstore and grocery. A box of mini-muffins and Granola bars for the cab ride.

Don't forget to leave a can of Red Bull chilling on the window sill...and don't forget to grab it before leaving each morning.

You'll hear the result in the show.
I'll see you in the morning on the Radio.

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Jack Blackburn said...

You know cuz, your trip to New York sounds a lot like the theme from the movie RV. Now I got to ask, was the trip planned first and business came along or was it the other way around?
Ain't it great to be able to take the whole family with you? I savor the moments that all my kids and wives are around that we can spend time together. Funny as we grow older, how simple things become. I told everyone that I did not want anything for Christmas. And for the most part, everyone listened.....for once. I was happy just having the boys and their wives at the house and making the trip to the clubhouse to be with the rest of the uncles, aunts and cousins. Do we have a great family or what?