Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Morning After...

Great time in Dallas last night at our Listener Appreciation Holiday Party at the fabulous Silver Fox Restaurant in the Centrum. Special thanks to Mark and Jeff and their staff for some stellar food and a great atmosphere.

Had lots of friends stop by and say hello…special thanks to Lisa Dotson for the impromptu a cappella rendering of The Christmas Song…what a voice!

Angela Shah from the Dallas Morning News was in the crush, along with Dr. Michael Cox

True to form, the BizRadio Network Orchestra was delayed in their arrival. Well, they never made it, actually.

We pulled off in Centerville for lunch yesterday…that Woody’s BBQ place has been remodeled, and they just had to go in there. And the horn section had an outstanding warrant, and they’re all inter-married with the singers, and long story short, the band did not make it to the party last night.

I’ve got to go to the ATM this morning, and then stop back by Centerville on the way home this afternoon. Something about parking tickets and over due library books, which they take very seriously in Centerville.

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