Monday, April 17, 2006

Tax Days and Mondays

Today is Tax Day for most of us…isn’t this the official birthdate of the National Association of Procrastinators, too? I kept meaning to join that…but never got around to it. Does that make me an automatic member?

It’s also Appreciate Your Postal Worker Day…for obvious reasons…

The 5th Special Session of the State Legislature convenes in Austin today to tackle school finance.
Isn’t there a rule somewhere that after three or for tries, there’s nothing special about a special session? Why don’t we just call it the 5th Session in a Row to Waste your Money and Pose for Cameras in an Election Year?

I finally found the ironic summary I was looking for in reviewing the events of last week…from The Economist, came this poignant observation:

"In France the nation's youth marched for the right to work half-heartedly and not be sacked. By contrast, hundreds of thousands of immigrants in more than 100 American cities marched for a chance to work hard and not be deported."

Despite all the belly-aching and griping each year at tax time, isn't it amazing people would rather live and work here than any other place in the world?

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