Thursday, July 21, 2016

By Their Kids Ye Shall Know Them

Until last night I was ambivalent about Donald Trump.
Until last night I was still open to accepting Ted Cruz, warts and all.

Until last night I was hopeful that the rift in the Republican party between the Trumpsters and the Never-Trumper's could be mended.

Until last night.

Last night Ted Cruz revealed his true character. Last night Ted Cruz revealed his amazing intellect and disappointing shallowness of purpose. Last night Ted Cruz exposed his ugly dark side as a politician and was found lacking as a statesman. He may have spoken his conscience, and encouraged the rest of us to vote according to ours, but his words rang hollow as he proved he was willing to sacrifice the good of the country and the fabric of the party for his own personal pride and political ambition.

Last night the Republican party showed what's best about its leadership, and revealed a few fissures and cracks in its mantle. The irrefutable proof of the righteousness of the Republican cause is easy to display; managing to encircle all of its factions, and direct its energies in one direction continues to remain elusive. I remain optimistic in the abilities and talents of those who've been anointed by the party to lead; their records of achievement and success, humanity and humility, and ability to learn and continuously correct course in order to remain fixed on a True North bepeaks an underlying determination to see that this great American experiment in democracy "shall not perish from this earth." Thank you, Abraham Lincoln.

The Republican Party isn't perfect, doesn't have all the answers, and isn't the end-all be-all to what ails America. In some instances, the Republican Party remains part of what's wrong with America, with its obtuse positions and unwavering tunnel vision. But to its credit, the Republican Party has taken its calcium supplements in the past week, grown a spine, and even one or two cojones.

The Republican Party's nominees, Donald Trump and Mike Pence, are the only two men standing between a united states of America as we have known it, and the political, civil, and fiscal anarchy a Hillary Clinton presidency would surely bring raining down upon us.
In the words of Princess Leia, "help us, Obi-Don, you are our only hope."

Laura Ingraham
(Credit: Brent Clanton)
This week has seen a parade of personalities and politico's, large and small, tramp  across the stage for Trump in Cleveland. Standouts, as expected, have been Lone Survivor, Marcus Luttrell; former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie; Pat Smith, the mother of US Foreign Service Officer, Sean Smith, whose life was taken in Benghazi. Dr. Ben Carson also left his mark by equating Hillary Clinton to Lucifer. It was a memorable moment. Media maven Laura Ingraham's shout out to Clinton last night was also a highlight.

Eric, Donald, Jr., Ivanka, and Donald Trump
But the highlights of the week have become the very personal, very inspiring messages from the offspring of The Donald. The intelligence, poise, articulation, and passion exhibited by Donald Trump, Jr., Eric Trump, and Tiffany Trump, to date, have been the best expressions of the Republican Nominee's ability to lead, inspire, and nurture a nation. I anticipate nothing less from Ivanka tonight, who I once suggested in jest might be a suitable VP running mate. She may prove that also to be true.

(I am not troubled by the similarities between Melania Trump's comments and those made by the current First Lady a few years back. Mrs. Trump speaks five languages, loves her adopted country, and expressed what many of us believe to be true about why America remains the greatest country in the world. She has assimilated nicely; Michelle Obama until only recently, for the first time in her adult lifetime, was "proud of my country.")

Minnesota Democrat David Bly once said, "your children will become what you are…so be what you want them to be." By the end of the week, the world will have seen four, living examples of the kind of leadership skills Donald Trump will bring to bear in addressing the needs of our nation. We already know the skillset his opposition is prepared to inflict upon our country. 

I don't think we can survive another four years of that while the Republican Party "regroups."
I don't believe the party will regroup around  a man who has already shown he's betting against the party's pick. My disappointment in Ted Cruz is only surpassed by my optimism in Mr. Trump's abilities to lead. You need only look at his kids to know why.

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