Thursday, June 02, 2016

Rainy Day Drivers and Other Irritants

Faulkey Gully receives a gully-washer, May 2016

It is the Monsoon Season in Houston. We should not be surprised at all by the flooding we’re seeing, having received over 21-inches of rain through April this year. The May totals will be posted just as soon as they dry off.

It is also, apparently, open season for morons. Where else can you see a college professor intentionally drive his automobile into high water—on live TV—then stagger out of the passenger door and ask a reporter, ‘What do I do now?’ Swim, you idiot.

Rain brings out the foolish in all of us. For example, as I’m driving to work in a blinding rainstorm this morning, the car on my right and slightly ahead of me turns on his emergency blinkers. At 50 mph. 

Because I can only see his left taillight, I think he’s about to move into my lane, so I lean on the horn. He flips me off.

Raining is not an emergency.
Running emergency flashers in the rain is doubly stupid—you’re creating an unnecessary distraction (hey, we all know It’s Raining), and you’re now rendering everyone else in traffic clueless of your intentions. 

(Photo was NOT taken in moving traffic!)
Changing lanes?
Which way? 
Hard to tell, since your flashers are on!

Heavy rains should not be ignored. Turn around, don’t drown. 

However, if you feel compelled to alert the rest of the world that it’s raining by running your emergency flashers, why not pull over to the side of the road and park until the rain storm passes. You can run your flashers all day long on the shoulder, and the rest of us can safely pass on by. In the rain.

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Sisi said...

You said a mouth-full Brent. I don't understand the meaning of using hazard lights in the midst of rainstorms. Maybe one of your readers can explain that logic because I am clueless. For me, it is a distraction because I am at a loss as to what the driver is going to do next. Folks, hazard lights should be used if you are experiencing car trouble; not as a means to distract other drivers in the rain! If you need to slow down, then by all means, tap your breaks and slow it down. Trust me, the drivers around you will understand.