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The Automotive Reporter/Biz News for the Week of 2-2-15

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The Super Bowl is past, and with it the apex of television ad campaigns descends to a denouement of disappointment for those who were expecting more than Clydesdales and puppies, and missed the obligatory cheesecake from Danica and friends at her favorite domain name registry czar. 

Finally, the car companies are getting with the program the beer companies have been effectively exploiting for seasons on end--tugging at heartstrings, Family, and Country. Both Nissan and Toyota produced some slick pieces that tied coming-of-age themes with the supreme wisdom of purchasing one of their featured vehicles.

2015 Jeep Renegade
Jeep used its commercial time to introduce the new Renegade, against a backdrop of sweeping vistas in the US and beyond, with IRS/Capitol recording artist, Mark Scibilia, warbling, "This Land is Your Land." 

Not sure where the Great Wall of China fits into that particular context, but the commercial was pretty to watch. 
In addition to Fiat-Chrysler's running its mildly amusing "Blue Pill" offering (wherein a Fiat 500 ingests a viagra-like pill, and metamorphoses into a beefier Fiat 500X), Dodge ran a 60-second version of its wildly popular "Wisdom" homage to centenarians in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Dodge brand in 2014.

I like this spot. I have tremendous respect for anyone with the grit to hang around for 100-years, and hang on to their senses. Paired with quick edits of the Dodge Challenger passing across the screen, the comments of the young at heart are priceless.  Bravo, Dodge (and The Richards Group in Dallas). 

With cyber crime on the rise, it might be a good time to beef up your password security. Ford Mustang, one of the most popular cars ever built, now it has the distinction of being one of the most common passwords on the Internet.

SplashData, a company specializing in password management, notes the word “mustang” was the 16th most common password found on the Internet in 2014, and the only nameplate that found its way into the top 25. 

Mustang is also apparently a slayer of superheroes--the proper noun more popular than “Batman” and “Superman” as people’s secret code for accessing their personal networks and accounts.

If you must follow the crowd, SplashData recommends strengthening your “mustang” password by adding numbers--perhaps the year you bought your 'Stang, or incorporate Mustang option codes, paint codes, engine codes or digits from your VIN.

Mazda is using public input for the final touches on its much-anticipated 2016 MX-5. The company enlisted X-box users to help design the livery appointments for the fifth generation Miata, running a contest last month among Forza Horizon-2 players. You can vote for the finalists by going to the X-box website. The results are to be revealed at the SXSW event in Austin next month.

2016 Mazda MX-5 cockpit
The newest MX-5 is reported to be lighter, faster, and a bit smaller than the current iteration of the car, taking design themes from Alfa Romeo. The new skin also retains the ability to make Miata owners weak in the knees all over again.

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