Monday, June 10, 2013

Something for Nothing = Nothing

There’s an advertisement running on the Radio these days that causes me pause.
If you listen to it critically, you wonder how these people get away with what they’re saying.
There’s nothing illegal, but the message is clearly marketed by someone who does not think much of their potential clientele.

The commercial is a fast-talking pitch about flipping houses, and gives lots of examples of folks making thousands of dollars, buying low and selling high. These guys don’t want you to buy actual houses they’re flipping; oh, no. This is an ad for a ‘program’ you have to get so you can learn their system for buying houses low and selling high. It’s a flipping flipping pitch.

Here’s what rubs me wrong about these people:

1. If this is such a good deal, why aren’t they out there, flipping houses until the cows come home? Are they so totally altruistic in their desire to help mankind that they’re willing to give away their system?

The answer to that is that these guys are marketers.
They’re not really real estate specialists.
If they were really good at what they’re offering, they’d be on a beach in Tahiti.
But they’re not.
They’re running Radio ads with toll free numbers to call and promises of grandeur to fulfill.

2. They‘re offering, for free, a system others “have paid dearly to receive,” according to the ad copy. If I was one of those who’d dearly paid for their package, I’d be highly offended, and would be demanding my money back, yesterday.
Reminds me of that old saying, you get what you pay for.
If you’re not paying anything for this “money-making system,” what’s it really worth?

3. I suspect the only money making that’s going on by this system is probably in some fees associated with the package, either when it’s delivered, or when you try to use it.

Sometimes I will call advertisers I hear on the Radio station, just to test their offer.
I'm not even going to waste my time on this one.

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