Sunday, October 02, 2011

Andy Rooney, Roseanne Barr, and Me

Andy Rooney has been the reigning curmudgeon at CBS for the last 30-years. Tonight (10/2) he signed-off the show by having the last word. Guess that means CBS is in the market for a new curmudgeon. 

I think I’d like that job. 
I’m getting long enough in the tooth now that I find myself more and more irritated by the most minor examples of public stupidity.

Take Roseanne Barr, for example. 
Take Roseanne Barr, please.
I never liked Roseanne’s stupid sitcom. 
I thought it crudely-focused, poorly written, and always went for the cheap laughs. 

I never liked Roseanne’s voice; it grated on my ears. 
She proved beyond a shadow of a doubt she can’t sing a few years ago when she attempted to perform The National Anthem. Not only could she not carry the tune, she also had the additional poor taste to spit and grab her crotch after the “performance.” 
It was just gross.

That pretty much did it for me for Roseanne Barr. 
Now when her TV shows come on, I change the channel, and the quickest way to keep me from buying a product would be to have Roseanne Barr be the pitch man (she’s no lady.)

Now Roseanne has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt she’s a brainless buffoon by proposing “the guilty bankers” be allowed to pay back some of their largesse…or face beheading. She sets the threshold at $100-million, which is pretty convenient since Barr’s net worth this year is calculated at only $80-million
I don’t know how she survives.

Here’s the thing about all these nattering-naybobs of public stupidity: 
People like Roseanne don’t know the first thing about running the country, a business, or our lives.  Roseanne has won plenty of awards for her acting…but remember, she’s playing a role, and those awards were bestowed for her prowess at being an imaginary person
I live in the real world.

It’s funny, don’t you think, all these celebrities and politicians talking about sacrifice and all of the rest of us having to dig deeper and pay more and do our part…like pay higher taxes. 

Warren Buffet’s real big on that, these days. 
He thinks rich people should have to pay more because they make more. That doesn’t sound like too much of an incentive for anyone else to aspire to make a lot of money, if they’re just going to have to give more of it back to the IRS.

Hey, Warren: There’s no law against voluntarily writing a personal check to help out in covering the mountain of debt Congress has amassed in our names. But have you seen any of these blabber-mouths sit down and write the first check towards paying that balance down? 

Warren Buffett hasn’t; Barak Hussein Obama hasn't; Roseanne Barr probably won’t either. 
After all, she’s only worth $80-mil.
(Don't look at me: I don't have the dough.)
If that makes me a curmudgeon, so be it. 
That’s the way I see it.

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Taylor said...

Funny how nobody wants to write a check. They'd rather write a law.

But in Buffet's defense, he clarified some of his comments and said that he supported a higher tax on people who "make money with money only."

His quote: "There should be a policy that applies to people with money who earn lots of money and pay very low rates. If they earn it by normal jobs what I say would not hit them at all.”