Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Houston's Obamanation

Dear Mr. Obama:

You suck.

You have shown your true colors as little more than a feral political animal instead of a statesman with a cherishing sense of history, by allowing Houston, Texas to be passed over as the final destination of one of the remaining Shuttle Orbiters. History will judge you harshly for your myopia.

Certainly, Shuttle Atlantis should go to the Kennedy Space Center, debarkation point for every Orbiter that was ever hurled aloft. It was, after all, President John Kennedy who said America should go to the moon, not because it was easy, but because it was hard.

Absolutely, Shuttle Discovery should be enshrined in the Smithsonian Annex at Dulles Airport in Chantilly, VA., where millions may marvel at its massive grace.

Perhaps it is fiscally prudent to allow Shuttle Endeavor to remain in California after its final flight; after all, it’s expensive to fly those big 747’s all over the place, especially with a space shuttle strapped to its back. 
By the way, Mr. President, what DOES it cost to fly Air Force One to and fro these days?

Sending the final Shuttle, the prototype Enterprise, to New York City, however, it just inexcusable, and frankly, sir, unacceptable.

NASA Shuttle Prototype Enterprise
By ignoring 50-years of space exploration history, you have dishonored the men and women at NASA who gave their talents, time, and in some cases their lives, for the America’s Manned Space Program:

Thanks to another Democrat brother, NASA’s headquarters was placed in Houston. 
We named the place after him. 
Less than a decade later, “Houston” was the first word spoken from the Moon.

Thanks to you, Houston’s not going to be the last destination of a Shuttle orbiter. 
Not even the prototype. 
So we’re naming this decision after you: an Obamanation
Rhymes with abomination.

I am nominating this new word into the American Lexicon as defining “bone-headed decisions that defy all logic, reason, and common sensibilities, rendered to serve political interests, and to disrespect and disregard the will of the people.”

After your epic decision to ignore Houston’s myriad contributions to Space Exploration, the second thing to be defined as an “Obamanation” would be your Administration.  
Wear it with pride; you earned it.


Jennifer said...

{Standing and cheering} Whoop Whooop!

Patrick Howard said...

Not placing a retired shuttle in Houston would be like moving the Liberty Bell to Tulsa, or the Statue of Liberty to Albuerque. Both are fine cities, but these national treasures belong exactly where they are. A shuttle belongs in Houston!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, While I am extremely displeased that the shuttle is not coming to Houston, it is EXTREMELY incorrect to blame the president for a decision that a committee at Nasa makes. Disagree with politics and the way the country is going, but place blame in the correct place.
Rebecca Fairchild

Brent Clanton said...

Rebecca, pull your head out of your afterburner and wake up. NASA's JSC is IN Houston because LBJ pulled strings. It is naive to believe Mr. Obama did not do the same in retribution in determining where the Orbiters were sent.

Roger Sowell said...

Brent, it may go deeper than this. I suspect that the Obummer has it in for Texas for several reasons. One such reason is the lawsuit that State of Texas brought against the US EPA over the supposed right of the EPA to regulate carbon dioxide emissions. As you know, Obummer reversed President G.W. Bush's excellent policies and directions to the EPA regarding climate change and man's emissions of CO2 - e.g. leave the law alone. EPA wants to punish those that emit CO2, and Texas fought back. Ergo, no shuttle. IMHO, of course.