Monday, December 06, 2010

Merry Stinking Christmas, ChaseBank

The Ft. Worth Star-Telegram reports ChaseBank is telling a business banking customer to remove a Christmas tree he donated to the Chasebank Branch where he does business. Merry Stinking Christmas, Chasebank.

Apparently, some people were offended by the tree, according to an e-mail from JP Morgan Chase. How freaking ridiculous is this?

There are TWO Christmas trees in the lobby of the CBS Broadcasting Complex and Deli. According to “Advertising Age,” 91% of Americans celebrate Christmas this time of year. So we’re going to take down a tree in a bank for the other 9%? 
That’s insane.
Get a grip, people.

You know what Chase’s official stance is? The Christmas tree supplied by the business man isn't a part of the decor supplied by the company to its bank branches. What, you might ask, does Chasebank supply its bank branches in the way of decorations? Why, they get “stickers that resemble Christmas lights,” according to the bank spokesperson, whom I know, and choose not to identify here for fear of embarrassing him because this is such a ludicrous issue.

Wait-wait--stickers that resemble Christmas lights. Sorry, Chase--if you cannot condone a Christmas tree, then what’s the rationale behind Christmas light decals??

What’s next on the agenda--are we going to remove “Christmas” from the calendar because it might offend too many people?
I am not a Chasebank customer, thank goodness. If you are, drop by your bank branch, and let them know what you think about this.
This just in--Chase changed its mind about having a Christmas tree in its lobby, and has put one up at its own expense...because the original tree donor took his $3,000 Christmas tree elsewhere. Apparently, others are taking their business elsewhere, too.

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Anonymous said...

Now Chase has another Scrooge-y idea... $4 ATM fees in TX for non-customers, $5 in some other areas like IL. Meanwhile, I'm very happy (and not getting Scrooged) with my credit union!!
--John, Dallas
(a fan from the days of your 'previous' job)