Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Movie Review: "Love and Other Drugs"

If you're still thinking about Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal's performances four hours after you've seen this film, call your doctor. Or your Congressman. "Love and Other Drugs" is a much more complex movie than just the first chick-flick of the holiday season.
Is this the “Love Story” of the New Millenium? Jake and Anne might or might not be the  Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neil for this generation, but the movie hits some pretty poignant nerve-endings, given the recent controversy over healthcare reform. 
This film also takes some hard shots at the prescription drug industry, painting an unflattering picture of the excesses of the 90’s and the lifestyles of the drug reps.  The most poignant moments are Anne Hathaway’s depictions of a Parkinson’s patient...and the lengths to which Jake Gyllenhaal's character will go to prove his commitment. 
Perhaps the take away on this film is just that: What Commitment Means...and how some love stories do--and don’t--have happy endings. Come to think of it, I like this version of Love Story better than the McGraw-O’Neil pairing.
This one’s not Family-friendly--it’s R for nudity, language,, debauchery.

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Love And Other Drugs said...

I really liked your review. While other bloggers see nothing more than a romantic comedy or a chick flick, you did notice a few other points. Bringing the reality of the drug companies way of making "business" to the big screen is vital in the US and it's about time, too. Sure, it's not the main point of the movie, but it's out there for people to watch and perhaps even think about later. In any case, as I wrote before, really liked your review. It was witty and different. :)