Thursday, March 18, 2010

Alice in Wonderland = Nancy in Washington

The Washington Examiner has a very thought-provoking piece  looking at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s shocking analogy to describe the process of passing Obamacare. She was visiting with a group of “friendly” bloggers, so her guard was down a little, perhaps, when she told them, "once we kick through this door, there'll be more legislation to follow."
Kick through this door?
Whose doors are being kicked in?
Yesterday we noted that virtually every survey taken in recent months has shown majority opposition to Obamacare. Is it the door to public approval that's being kicked-in?
Is it now the attitude of Congress that when rational argument fails to persuade the majority, it should be jammed down our throats? By kicking-in our doors? What’s next—brown shirts in our neighborhoods? Is the passage of this monstrosity going to be accompanied by a second coming of Kristal Nacht?  Or, as The Examiner observed, are we now watching the re-definition of American democracy using the Hugo Chavez manual on public persuasion?
You’ve got to be wondering at this point how hard House Speaker Pelosi and her thugs are willing to kick? The more we learn more about Obamacare, the more opposition grows.
Yesterday we mentioned Pollster Scott Rasmussen's latest survey, showing 53% opposed to Obamacare. That’s slightly over half—but the ratio has been solidly against this bill since November. Is Ms. Pelosi going to keep kicking, no matter how great the public opposition? What ever happened to representation of the public’s wishes in the halls of Congress??
Here is the scary part: If Nancy Pelosi's admission to friendly bloggers is proof that Obamacare is only the beginning--not the end of the liberal campaign to put bureaucrats between doctors and patients--then you must be asking yourself, what will Pelosi seek next in health care reform?

Is is not logical to assume that as government health care costs skyrocket, a price control system might not be far behind?
Remember how well price controls worked in the 70’s with gasoline prices? Instead of waiting in lines stretching around the block to fill your tank, imagine waiting in lines stretched around the doctors’ offices to get a prescription. And, if you’re on what ever’s left of Medicaid, once you get that coveted piece of paper, good luck in trying to find a place to fill it—Walgreens is already curtailing its acceptance of new Medicaid members at some of its stores.
Price controls always cause shortages, so the inevitable, next step will surely be rationed health care services. Voila: America has become the European epitome in healthcare. You might as well re-design the American flag with just one red star, upside down, and call us the U.S.S.A.
If you don’t think that’s where we’re headed, then explain the "Slaughter Solution" Pelosi is using in this door-kicking campaign. Simply put, by passing a health care reconciliation bill, the House would "deem" itself to have also passed the Senate version of Obamacare. Basically, voting on something without the formality of voting on it.
Why do you think Nance Pelosi likes this method of “leadership?” It's because there’s no accountability, and these spineless bastards we’ve elected to office don’t want to have to come home and face the music about voting for a law the majority doesn’t want.
Do they really think we’re that stupid, out here in “fly-over country?”

Political analyst Stuart Rothernberg, who is respected on both sides of the aisle, says in The Washington Post, "we've leapt to a totally different planet with this deeming. I feel like I've fallen through the rabbit hole: 'Oh, they are going to not pass the bill and just pretend they passed the bill.'"
Who needs Tim Burton’s bizarre version of “Alice in Wonderland,” when you’ve got Nancy Pelosi in Washington?

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