Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bravo, Mr. Clinton

I am dismayed that some are attempting to politicize former preisdent Bill Clinton’s role in today’s return of captured U.S. Journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee: There is no question that the “right connections” were exploited to effect their release from North Korea.

However, it has been clearly stated from the beginning that Clinton’s part in this story has been one of a private citizen of the United States, admittedly with considerable resources, using a private aircraft and his personal appeal to the North Korean leadership.

That Mr. Clinton hails from the left side of the political spectrum in this country carries absolutely no weight in North Korea. That he was an effective president in terms of managing the relationship between the U.S. and that country speaks volumes—evidenced by the immediate release of the U.S. Journalists.

For those hailing from the right-end of the political rainbow to call “foul” over Mr. Clinton’s trip to Pyongyang is wrong-headed, mean-spirited, and insulting.

The bottom line is this: Mr. Clinton got them out; adhering to the official government line was not working. And which one of you, having the same resources at your disposal, would have done any differently?

In the final analysis, when called upon to serve, Mr. Clinton did what Americans do best in such circumstances: Ability + Opportunity = Responsibility.
Bravo for him, and the rest of you negatoids—shut up.

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ed said...

Brent, I have to respectfully disagree with you about Clinton's role in the release of the journalists. I have no doubt Clinton's ego would not support a failed attempt. I believe all the details were handled in advance and part of the terms was an important political figure cow towing to his old Nuke buddies.
Moreover, Clinton has been blood thirsty for a Nobel Peace Prize since Carter got one.
I am also confident part of the release agreement contained a private masseuse for Clinton that provided a "happy ending."
take care,