Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Review: "Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen"

Saw the new Transformers movie last night:
Like watching a two-hour version of WWE sponsored by WD-40.

Some of the most interesting transformations were the cliché shots that continued to evolve on the screen…and when the final scenes of activity were staged at the ancient Petra temple site, I half-expected Harrison Ford or Brendan Fraser to show up, parchment maps in hand, guiding Shia Lebeouf and Megan Fox past mummies and snake pits to their technological holy grail.

"And the academy award for Archeological Locale Most-used in Filming an Action Adventure Film goes to..."

Interesting factoid about the Transformer movies: The first film used 20-terrabytes to render the special effects. Revenge of the Fallen required over 150-terrabytes to render.

And while Megan Fox may have riveted male audience attention, especially during the running sequences, Julie White is the scene stealer as Sam Witwicky’s dingbat mother. Her over-the-top comedic reflief, particularly in a scene involving “green brownies” at Princeton University, resulted in some of the best laughs in the movie…and the school denying producer Michael Bay the rights to identify the University in the film.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “this is the sort of thing you’d like, if you like this sort of thing.” Transformer fans and gear-heads will like this movie, and the script provides some tasty tidbits of clever dialogue. On the whole, it’s two hours of sensory overload for most adults.

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