Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Carrot Cake Fraud

Fraud is everywhere.
First Bernie Maddoff made off with $50-billion in every body else’s money…allegedly...now Robert Stanford is being named in a complaint against Stanford Financial Group for allegedly bilking investors of $8-billion.
Where does it all end?

On Saturday we ordered the Valentine’s Day special from the Outback Steakhouse…take-away style. Didn’t want to wait two hours for a table, and so we decided to order ahead, and eat at home without the crowd.

The Valentine’s Day Special at Outback included two steaks, two baked potatoes, two salads, that scrumptious dark bread, and two slices of their world-famous carrot cake. I needed a bib to get out of the parking lot, my mouth was watering so.

Got home and opened up the food containers…and discovered no bread and no carrot cake. Swell.
We had even tipped the kid for walking three steps out the side door and handing us the bag containing our order.

So we called the restaurant--and to be fair, they’d been trying to call us, too—and they said come back.
Come get your cake.
Sorry, but I wasn’t going to drive ten miles for a stinkin’ slice of carrot cake and a couple of bread sticks.
I have principles.

Tonight, I cooked steaks on the grill while my Bride was running errands. She stopped by the Outback and ordered a couple of baked potatoes and salads and bread, and, oh, by the way, how about those two slices of carrot cake you owe us?

No problem, quoth the manager, who even walked the food out to the car…and kept the change. Got home to discover…only one piece of carrot cake.

If I were Barack Obama, I’d nationalize Outback, since they clearly cannot keep track of what they charge folks for food vs what they’re putting in your take-away sacks. And they presume that if you pay them with a $20, anything left over from the bill is theirs to keep.
That’s not change I believe in.

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