Friday, November 21, 2008

Positive Reinforcement

"Do something for somebody every day for which you do not get paid."
--Albert Schweitzer

It’s so easy to be caught up in the day to day rat race of chasing the dollar, looking out for The Man, and making sure you're taking care of yourself and your family. That’s a natural mode to be in, as the economy continues to challenge all of us.

This week we’ve visited with such optimists as Rich DeVos and Steven Covey, and the prevailing theme has been that no matter how tough things get, you can get through it. You will do so, in part, with help from others around you…and that dynamic feeds upon itself.

As you are given help, support, encouragement, and forward momentum, pass that along up or down the line…because it is in that multiplication of mutual assistance that we will find the level of confidence that we’re all looking for. As long as you're breathing and haven’t reached room temperature, you’ve got the spark to continue onward.

Be creative, be innovative, and be positive--because we’re all in this together, and moods and attitudes are contagious!

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