Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Houston Rockets' Red Glare

I just stayed up way past my bed time to watch the Houston Rockets wax the Utah Jazz in Game Four of the Western Conference playoffs. It was a 95-69 shellacking. It was worth what will surely be sleep-deprivation D-T's tomorrow.

I'm no sports junkie, but I do know theatrics when I see them. After Houston's national humiliation of Salt Lake City, we switched over to watch the Spurs-Suns game.

Along with the typically bad officiating by the NBA's crack team of court judges, we were treated to more histrionics and pratfalls than a WWE event. In fact, I wonder if that's where old NBA players go...or worse, where they may be coming from.

It's a one-point game with Phoenix barely holding on with 2:55 left in the 4th Period. Wait--two free throws by San Antonio makes it a one-point game in their favor. Now Tony Parker sinks another two-pointer with three-seconds on the clock, but the Suns sink a three-pointer to tie the game.
Wysteria Lane is all a-twitter.

Flops abound.
I am road weary...will read of the results tomorrow.
Go Rockets.

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