Thursday, January 11, 2007

Transiting Texas

(Somewhere over Texas at 30,000-ft.)--
It's a travel day.
I am flying from Houston to the MetroPlex--into the teeth of what is being touted as a major winter storm this weekend.
What was I thinking?

Tomorrow's show will be from Dallas at our affiliate, BizRadio1360.

On Saturday, I will be in Ft. Worth at The Chop House on Mainstreet for The Shivaun Palmer Show live broadcast at Noon...just in time for their rodeo parade.
What was I thinking?

Okay, full disclosure time.
Not too many days ago in this space I regaled you with the comparison of driving vs flying, the convenience, the hassles, yada yada yada, and most likely led you to the conclusion I'd rather drive than fly.
Which is true.
...Winter storms and rain and hail threaten.
Then I drive somebody else's car, preferrably one with four-wheel drive.

Yes, I love the warmth of the sun on my face, and the wind whipping through what's left of my air as I pilot my open-cockpit car up the interstate. But when the weather sucks, my baby stays safely parked in the garage.
Discussion ended.

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Margaret Taylor said...

Transiting in Texas is all relative. For instance, I use an anology of traveling from Texas to NY, one can travel by plane, train, bus, or car, all each have their own timeline and cost point.

If I were traveling from Ft. Worth to Austin, timewise it is easier and the same amount of time to drive as it is to fly from DFW or Love. The only downside to driving is slight wear on the car.

Now it is another thing to discuss Ft. Worth to El Paso in which drving my not be a practical solution.