Wednesday, December 13, 2006

KMNY Off the Air?

If you've been trying to listen to The BizRadio Network in Dallas or Ft. Worth this morning, you're having troubles. That's because the KMNY transmitter is off the air, thanks to copper vandals striking the site once again.

Copper has been selling for over $3/pound lately, and that's too much of a temptation to some thieves. They've targeted construction sites, air conditioner units...and radio transmission cables. The last time this happened, all it took was a step ladder and wire-cutters to snag a length of multi-strand cable near the transmitter site.

I hope the thugs who knocked the transmitter off the air this time sustained some bodily injuries, because they also killed the power supply to the site. A few electrical burns would be just retribution, perhaps some IR burns, too.

Might be easy to catch these guys--most likely, they're still glowing in the dark.


Anonymous said...

KILL EM ALL SAM... I have a few rifles for a small fee I will SNIPE them as they enter

Anonymous said...

Not that I agree with copper thiefs are doing; but isn't killing a bit extereme?

Anonymous said...

Ok maybe not necessarily kill them but slow them down a lil for the CROCS to track in the trinity river...YUM YUM