Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Risky Imagination

Outsourcing seems to be the way to go. Think of it as global sub-contracting. On paper it makes sense to farm-out a job you can get done more cheaply…unless there’s an unhidden cost or risk.

One of the things that keeps the Homeland Security people up at night is wondering how the next bad guys are going to get into the country to do their evil deeds. If it can be imagined, it can be done. The movie, “Red Dawn,” is based upon the premise that the US could be invaded from Mexico, the continent divided up the middle, and essential conquered in two. They dreamed up that scenario twenty five years ago, long before the appearance of Al Qaida.

President Bush will make stops in Arizona and Texas this week to address an issue that has divided some members of his own Republican Party -- illegal immigration.

What if the bad guys were to dress like the good guys, and get into the country in disguise? What if the bad guys were to dress like Border Patrol agents, and just let the rest of their friends in?

The main supplier of uniforms for US Border Patrol Agents is a company based in Nashville, Tennessee, VF Solutions…which subs-out some of its work to other garment manufacturing plants in Mexico…Canada…and The Dominican Republic.

Here’s another thought for you: We all know that the major networks would love nothing more than to see a female US President. Geena Davis’ role in “Commander in Chief” is how The Media would have you think you’d like things to be. Same rationale behind "The West Wing"—it’s how the creative intelligentsia wanted things to be.

There’s a new crop of shows in development now that makes you wonder what these people are thinking…or smoking. According to Variety Magazine, some of next year’s hits will be based upon the premise of the demise of America. ABC-TV’s vision of a post-apocalyptic realm is portrayed in two shows, “Resistance,” and “Red & Blue,” CBS is going the plague route with “Four Horsemen,” those apocalyptic wranglers, and another imagines life might be like a small town named Jericho, after the walls fell down.

Variety quotes one TV exec observing that “the creative community appears to be really inspired this year.” Sounds to me like they’re all off their meds. What’s even sadder than TV shows built around the destruction of our country is that people will watch them…and advertisers will support them.

If art is imitating life, 2006 will really suck.


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